SEO refers to optimizing online content to increase your ranking in organic search engine results. Local SEO is the same method, but with a regional focus. It is the process of planning your site’s information to rank highly on searches in your area.

When someone searches for information or solutions, search engines attempt to find the best results to meet your needs. There are various factors Google considers when ranking pages for a search query. SEO uses those details to make your webpages rank higher for relevant searches.

Search Intent

Search intent refers to the reason someone performs a search. When a person is looking for a bank in your area, they will include location in their search. Optimize your content to help people looking for your services to locate your business.

Google My Business

Consumers use Google to find local service providers and businesses to meet their needs. It is vital to devise your local SEO so you will be top of the search results list.

Think of Google My Business as a second homepage. As it is part of Google itself, it carries more weight than other mentions of your business online. It is likely the most critical ranking factor for local search results.

Add your business category, hours and photos.


Reviews hold significant weight in search ranking. Google wants to send online users to trustworthy, reputable businesses. Online reviews help determine the most beneficial results for local organic search results. Getting regular reviews from happy customers is incredibly useful for your online presence.

Name, Address and Phone Number

It is essential to ensure all instances of your name, address and phone number match this information on your site and your Google My Business listing. Google values consistency. When the search engine finds discrepancies in your contact information listings, it is unsure of the correct information. Incorrect information leads to poor user experience; therefore, Google pushes businesses that lack consistency lower in search results.


When area businesses, blogs or websites link back to your site, Google views this as an endorsement for your company. These backlinks give your site credibility and help you rank higher in search results.

Local Events

Create content that relates to a local issue or event to grab your local client’s attention. The goal is to have your information appear at the top of the search engine results when customers look for services in your area. Create content that is specific and relevant to your business area to improve your local SEO.