In the past, businesses were forced to rely on paid-advertising or basic word-of-mouth to thrive. However, as the world is now changing and becoming increasingly more tech-savvy, it’s crucial for any company hoping to survive to look into the concept of digital marketing. Marketing your brand online can do wonders for your bottom line, promoting your company to a widespread, global audience and raking in customer leads faster than you ever could’ve imagined possible just a few decades ago. If you’re looking to optimize your business growth and think that digital marketing is the best course of action, here are some tried-and-true reasons as to why this method of marketing and advertising can set you on your way to greater brand success.

To start, it’s important to clarify what digital marketing is and how it functions. Digital marketing applies to any form of marketing campaign that can be conducted online, whether you’re placing written content on your company website’s blog, posting on your social media pages, or forming marketing materials with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that can propel you to the top of Google search result pages. Overall, the digital marketing realm can act as a general umbrella term for all other methods of marketing your business through technology.

With that knowledge in mind, you can then begin to form an idea of how best to market your business. If your product or service appeals to other businesses, you can directly market to them through personalized emails or topic-related blogs with SEO keywords. Or, if your brand relies on retail customers to stay afloat, focusing your energy on social media posting might be a better call. However you choose to market your company, your business growth is sure to inflate with the help of an online presence.

Why does digital marketing work so well, especially for smaller businesses? Firstly, it can cost near to nothing to advertise through the digital sphere. Sending emails, posting on social media and creating your own SEO-heavy content can all be done for free. Secondly, your marketing materials are being promoted to global audiences across all of these mediums, reaching greater amounts of people than any average billboard or commercial could do in your local city (while still being more cost-effective). Thirdly, small businesses have just as much opportunity to succeed as major corporations do online, even without a substantial budget or a built-in customer base.

Business growth can be increased in a variety of ways, but there’s no denying the importance of digital marketing in today’s world. Remembering these key reasons to market in the online sector can help advance your brand in no time.