Running a successful digital marketing campaign involves some trial and error on the part of the marketing team in any business. When a company has advertisements that are paid per click, it is a good idea to ensure the efforts are not wasted. The target market, the platform, the copy and the landing pages should all be considered in order to create a successful campaign.

1. Select the Target Market

Most companies should already have information regarding the target market. The age range, gender, level of education and yearly salary range are all good things to consider when establishing the target market. Create a profile of the type of customer that would be attracted to the product or service the company offers and think of ways to appeal to them.

2. Choose the Appropriate Platform

Different websites are aimed at certain demographics, so having as much information as possible about the customer base can help a company decide which websites to advertise on. Selecting the wrong website to place advertisements on will waste the company’s time and money. If having a social media presence can help a marketing campaign, then try to establish a presence on that platform before running any advertisements on it.

3. Refine Landing Pages

When someone arrives on a landing page because the business used a paid per click method, it is in the company’s best interest to convince that person to make a purchase.  The landing pages should be designed to entice people to stay on the website and visit other sections of the site. The professionalism, ease of navigation and relevance of the information all play a large role in how long people visit a website.

4. Write Creative Copy

It does not matter how great the landing page is or how perfectly placed an advertisement is on a website if the ad copy is poorly done. Use creative copy that draws people’s attention through the use of bold text and witty or interesting statements. Figure out what would make the people in the target market want to purchase the product. Then, display the advantages of the product in the advertisement to pique their attention.

Any good digital marketing campaign should involve many different approaches. The pay-per-click method can be an effective part of a campaign that directs customers to a well-designed website. Think about all aspects of the digital campaign and figure out how to harmonize all the components for the best chance of success.